The Steel Innovation Cluster is composed by a consortium that covers the whole steel value chain, including large companies, SMEs and entities providing knowledge and technology.

The Cluster has been constituted as a non-profit entrepreneurship association, created on September 9th, 2015 by 11 Founding Members (ArcelorMittal España S.A, IDESA Innovation S.L., Duro Felguera S.A, Grupo Daniel Alonso S.L, Hierros y Aplanaciones S.A., Mivisa Envases S.A.U, Construcciones García Rama S.L., Tuinsa Norte S.A., Talleres Alegría S.A, Astilleros Gondán S.A and Fundación ITMA) and regulated in accordance with Organic Law 1/2002, March 22nd, regulating the Association Rights.

The association has currently 18 members, 15 of them are companies related to industry or service providers, involved in different phases within the steel value chain, that together with the leading company, ArcelorMittal,  and the knowledge and technology providers, Fundación Idonial and University of Oviedo, create the partnership for collaboration.

A list with a brief description of the partners´ main characteristics is shown below:

"The Steel Innovation Cluster is composed by a consortium that covers the whole steel value chain, including large companies, SMEs and entities providing knowledge and technology."
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ArcelorMittal, main steel producer at global level with industrial facilities in more than 20 countries, has in Asturias the only steelmaking facility in Spain where the integral process of steel production is developed, i.e., from ferrous mineral as main raw material. Its maximum annual production capacity exceeds 5 million tonnes of liquid steel. At its Gijon and Aviles factories, which cover an area of over 12km2, produces steel flat products (heavy plate, tin plate, galvanized, painted galvanized) and long products (rail and wire rod).

Its wide variety of products puts ArcelorMittal Spain as the leader in the Spanish market, where more than 70% of its sales are located. It is the main supplier for sectors as automotive, construction, canning, packaging and white line. In addition, it is the only heavy plate and rail producer in Spain for high speed trains. The advanced technology present in its facilities, products quality, its innovation capacity and the adaptation on the client´s needs, have consolidated the image and prestige of ArcelorMittal Spain in national and international markets.

ArcelorMittal Asturias, clearly opts for the development of R&D&i and its technical application, both for specific as for transversal uses. The main mission of Asturias R&D Centre (CDT) has been the promotion of R&D&I activities, i.e., give support for the leadership in sustainable technologies and processing, providing innovative solutions that can be applied to the whole group. Solutions from Asturias are being provided to more than 37 facilities in 20 countries, and in the same centre the global R&D coordinators on cold rolling process, environment and business for the whole company are also based.

Astilleros Gondán S.A.
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Gondan Shipbuilders has built around 200 ships all along its more than 85 years of history, with very different technical characteristics and for a large variety of countries. The shipyard counts on 3 facilities, located in the municipality of Castropol (Asturias). The main shipbuilding facility is at the Figueras port, whereas the steel cut workshop and the warehouses for large equipment are located in Barres.

The main Works related to steel processing, hull assembly, construction and armament, are done in Figueras. Further departments, as the Technical Office, administration, sales, purchases and Human Resources are also located there.

Finally, it counts with an industrial building of 1,400m2 focussed on building work ships (patrol boat, harbour services ships, etc), fishing boat and yachts, built in aluminium or glass reinforced plastic until lengths of 24m, at its facilities in Castropol.

Asturfeito, S.A.
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Asturfeito is a Spanish entrepreneurial Project of reference in engineering, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of consumer goods, which is facing the most innovative challenges of the large industrial projects, technological companies and international scientific bodies.

Created in 1989, Asturfeito has been characterized by its international vocation. More of the 80% of its turnover comes from its intensive exporting activity with countries from three continents: Europe, America and Africa.  Asturfeito is participating in reference projects, as the ALMA Project (largest astronomy observatory worldwide) or the ITER project on nuclear fusion.

It counts on a team of 200 professionals and over 32,000 m2 equipped with the most advanced technology, which allows operating mainly in the following sectors:

  • Scientific infrastructures and research laboratories,
  • Nuclear energy,
  • Oil&gas,
  • Renewable energies,
  • Industrial plants.

Asturfeito provides all kind of consumer goods, in carbon Steel, stainless Steel, aluminium, duplex and inconel.

Asturfeito´s effort and technical capability allows them facing the full process in each Project. From design, supply and commissioning, while including an intensive quality control and maintenance of equipment and its components.

Asturfeito incorporates the most technical advances and adapts its facilities and technical staff to the requirements of each Project. This is how Asturfeito achieves the final result always exceeds the highest expectations.

Construcciones García Rama, S.L.
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Garcia Rama is an Asturian Company working in the construction sector, leader in the area of façade refurbishment, recovering residential building on a sustainable manner since more than 25 years.

Its engineering team provides the most advanced technical solutions and alternatives to the existing ones in the current market, with technical and ventilated façades that notably improves energy efficiency of the building.

Garcia Rama commercializes its own system for façade covering based on prefabricated panels with isolation components from many years. This solution has been developed by GarciaRama in collaboration with ArcelorMittal, and reduces dramatically its installation costs.

GarciaRama is a family business, composed by a team of professionals, which grows with each project, with a trajectory of more than 1,300 buildings refurbished.

As an added value, the community of owners are benefied with a smart and free management that GarciaRama does of all available funds provided by the Public Administration, which are a fundamental support for refurbishment.

The Enterprise is committed with innovation, performs research with large companies and participates as a partner in collaborative R&D European projects, creating highly innovative products and systems, seeking solutions that are environmentally friendly.

GarciaRama was the first Asturian Enterprise certified in Labour Safety, Quality and Environment, develops a continuous training of its workers and always has as objective the customer´s satisfaction and excellence in the execution of their work.

GarciaRama is not just recovering and refurbishing, it has also put on the market residences and singular buildings that have its label, always constructing with the highest quality parameters.

Several prizes supports its expertise, as the “Silver Plumb” for the best refurbished façade, best entrepreneurship trajectory and best Enterprise led by Women.

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Crown Food manufactures is the global leader in metal packaging solutions, mainly dedicated to the food canning industry. The company is present in 47 countries, has more than 33,000 employees and sales over 11 billion €. The commitment for innovation in Crown Food is aligned with improving existing technology and developing new concepts, in close collaboration with their customers.

Crown Food production facility, former Mivisa Envases, in Asturias is located in Poligono Industrias de Silvota, Llanera. Among its main products, packaging in 2 and 3 pieces, easy opening caps, standard caps, peel-off caps and Mivisa caps© (caps for glass jars and bottles) are included.

From a small and family company in its origins, it has become to one of the most important companies in its sector, and of reference at global level. Mivisa is the leader of metallic packaging for food industry at national level, and its international widening is unstoppable nowadays, being the third manufacturer in size at European level.

Mivisa has 3 facilities in Spain, one of them is located in Llanera (Asturias) and 4 abroad, all of them, with the aim of providing the best product to its customers, based on the quality of its products, development and innovation.

Mivisa is a subsidiary company of Crowncork Holding Incs international group that acquired the company in 2014.


Duro Felguera, S.A.
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Duro Felguera (DF) is a specialized Company in “Turnkey” Project execution for the energy, industry and Oil&Gas sector; provision of specialized services for industry and manufacturing of consumer goods. Based in Gijon (Asturias), Duro Felguera counts on a large international experience, being structured in the following business areas:

  • Energy, being one of the main Spanish companies specialized in “Turnkey” projects for all kind of electric energy generation facilities, from gas turbines power plants to conventional thermal ones, but also including solar thermal, with an international experience of over 20 years in this field.
  • Mining&Handling: Execution of turnkey projects in the area of mineral processing and handling of bulk solid materials. The company has its own technology and is able to develop all project phases, from engineering until commissioning and operation of the facilities built under the EPC mode.
  • Oil&Gas: execution of turnkey contracts, being fuel storage one of the main specialities of the group through its filial Felguera IHI.
  • Services, this area is integrated in the subsidiary companies DF Operaciones y Montajes and DF Mompresa, and it is specialized in several disciplines related to the assembly, commissioning, operation and maintenance of energy and industrial facilities.
  • Consumer Goods manufacturing, which are covered by the subsidiary companies DF Caldereria Pesada (design and manufacturing of pressure vessels), DF Rail (design and manufacturing of rail switches and crossings) and DF TEDESA (equipment manufacturing for mining and infrastructures).
  • Smart systems, including DF Nucleo (solutions for Defence, Communications, Industry, Energy, etc), DF Epicom (critical communications protection) and Felguera Information Technologies (logistic systems, information systems and entrepreneurial management, e-business, etc).
Fundación IDONIAL
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IDONIAL Technology Center is the result of a rebranding and merging process of two Technology Centers, ITMA (Materials Technology Center) and PRODINTEC (Industrial Design and Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center). It is a private non-profit foundation created in 2019, with a board composed by the main regional industrial companies and the Government of Asturias. It is the largest Technology Centre in the region and contributes to the promotion and development of the business fabric in its areas of technological specialization, adding the prior capacities and knowledge, and offering integral R&D&I solutions for the industry in the entire value chain, from materials to manufacturing processes and products.
The R&D Areas include Steel & Metallic Alloys, Refractories, Ceramics and Raw Materials, Plastic & Composites, Active Materials, Surfaces, Digital Industry, Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering. Idonial offers collaboration for the development of close-to-market solutions in close collaboration with the R&D Areas of the companies. Idonial develops its research activities in several facilities located in Gijón, Avilés, Llanera and Madrid.
The Centre is leading the technical secretariat of the Cluster, providing its expertise and knowledge in steelmaking, processing and product development.



Grupo Daniel Alonso, S.L.
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Grupo Daniel Alonso, is a Company with headquarters in Asturias, developing its activities in Europe, Asia and America. It counts with more than 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of steel tubular structures, logistic management and stocking of final products, design and manufacturing of pressure vessels and large metallic structures, steel integral treatment, design, development and commercialization of consumer goods for the industrial sector.

In detail, its activity is grouped in the following 5 areas:

  • Renewable Energy: Manufacturing of onshore-offshore wind towers and offshore foundations through its affiliated company WINDAR Renewables.
  • Oil&Gas: design and manufacturing of consumer goods through IDESA, one of the main suppliers in manufacturing of large dimension equipment, such as Coke Drums, Vacuum Columns, Fractionation Plants, Reactors, etc.
  • Logistics: through TADARSA, entity that offers logistic solutions adapted to the particularities of each client.
  • Services, through DACERO, centre for steel services working on treatment, preparation and processed raw material supply, especially focussed on processing and elaboration of customized steelmaking products.

Environmental Engineering, through DANIMA, focussed on the design, development, manufacturing and commercialization of specialized equipment for the industry, environment and military sectors. From DANIMA, a set of environmental engineering services oriented to the development of practical and innovative solutions for the waste transport and treatment, so as for giving a quick response to the complex challenges that industrial activity sets out, are offered.

Hierros y Aplanaciones, S.A. (HIASA)
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Hierros y Aplanaciones, S.A. (HIASA) focusses its activity in processing steel flat products and it belongs to Gestamp Corporation, which is composed by Gonvarri Steel Industries, Gestamp Automotive and Gestamp Renewables to reach an overall turnover in 2014 of 9,000M€ with a staff over 40,000 people located in its 77 plants, where 60% of them are located outside Spain. The processing volume of consolidated steel at Gonvarri Steel Industries plants comes to 3.99Mton of steel in 2014.

With a facility of over 100,000 square meters located in Cancienes (Asturias), and production volumes of over 300,000 tonnes per year, HIASA has the most advanced production means for a wide set of possibilities in the metallic processing sector. These means are: continuous etching line, roller mill, longitudinal cutting line, transversal cutting line, shears, presses, plasma cutting and punching, laser cutting, forming lines, plate perforation lines, welded tubes lines, hot immersion galvanizing process, continuous powder electrostatic painting process. In addition, the company has a set of auxiliary departments fully connected: Technical Office, Labs, Quality Control, warehousing and delivery.

With these productive means, HIASA develops its activity in three basic sectors:

  • Steel industry services for automotive (including car pipes) as for white line and further industrial sectors.
  • Products for road equipment (Metallic barriers with different settings to offer a variety of solutions, mixed steel-wood barriers with different working widths, railings in structures with different containment level, anti-noise screens, protective systems for motorcyclists, impact attenuators, etc)
  • Turnkey Project for photovoltaic solar energy in fixed structures carrying solar panels or one axis solar tracker for improving energy received.

HIASA is, on a permanent basis, participating and promoting important R&D projects, both in the scope of new technologies as in the development of new products and improvement of existing ones. This task has been especially intense in the field of road safety, where HIASA has been pioneer in the promotion of a more ambitious regulation. As a result from such success, the R&D activities have been extended to the whole areas of activity and then, from the different R&D projects developed by the company, a set of results have been obtained, meaning technological assets for HIASA. Given the importance of such assets, a number of property registers have been done, reaching a total number of 142 industrial property registers, including national patents, international in the geographic areas that are considered strategic, industrial models, etc.

Industrial Olmar, S.A.
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Industrial Olmar S.A. is a family company dedicated to manufacturing of autoclaves, steam generators, furnaces and all kind of pressure vessels. Created in 1945 by Mr. Olegario Garcia Hevia, Olmar´s history is based on a set of values as work, effort and improvement, which define the company and turns it into its current status.

Located in Gijon – North of Spain- , Olmar develops all of its activity in an environment with large industrial tradition, which allows taking all the advantages of such industrial environment and having the best communications for its national and international activities. This integrated and teamwork spirit is underpinned with the creation of Olmar Group, which groups 4 large companies (Olmar, Cosermo, Vallina and Olprim) together with the aim of improving its results and rising its competitiveness.

The search for innovation and excellence has always been a maxim for the company. The recent acquisition of a new industrial complex with over 70,000 m2 and its consolidation at international level, with an exporting percentages that exceeds 85% of its production, shows the large growth in the recent years.

All of these elements make Olmar a leader Company in its sector, reference in the market and with high future expectations.

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Founded in 1993, IDESA has been consolidated as one of most important companies in the design and manufacturing of consumer goods at global level.

The success of IDESA Group is based on the strong commitment on safety, quality and competitiveness of its products. This commitment is followed by all employees within the company, having as objective counting on the trust of the customers. The reputation and good name of IDESA is being supported by its activity in the 5 continents.

Due to its evolution, IDESA is one of the leading suppliers in manufacturing large equipment for the petrochemical industry, such as Coke Drums, Vacuum Columns, Fractionation Plants, Reactors, etc. Furthermore, it holds a strong position in the offshore market, executing ambitious projects of reference at global level, especially in terms of manufacturing of foundations for marine grounds.

In order to complete its value proposal, IDESA Group is composed by Innovation and Industrial Plants.

IDESA Innovation has the objective of managing and bringing to market all the R&D activity that has been usually developed in IDESA Group. Its offer is composed by IT Services and industrial tenders, so as solutions for machinery and industrial automatization adapted to each client. All of this is aligned with a strong innovative perspective.

Based on the large experience on supervision and execution works in assemblages and stops, combined with its expertise in engineering projects, IDESA Industrial Plants is created to provide an answer to the existing demand in terms of services for project management, FEED, construction, pilot plants development, so as services on technical consultancy, HSE, QA/QC, advanced analysis (FEA, CFD,…) and field supervision.

Since May 2014, IDESA belongs to Grupo Daniel Alonso (GDA).

Nortemecánica, S.A.
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Nortemecanica was founded in 1992 by a group of businessmen and a team of experienced engineers to develop the manufacturing of capital goods, machinery and spare parts for general industry.

It started its activity supplying basic equipment for different sectors with mining and ferrous metallurgy into the national market.

Gradually it has entered the European markets including wind energy, cement industry and research laboratories in Germany, Switzerland and France.

Now Nortemecanica is a regular supplier for the manufacturing and assembly of different mechanical components for research organisations and engineering companies in Spain, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, USA, France and Switzerland.

The facilities cover a total area of 7,500m2, where the following activities are developed:

  • Boiler Making and welding
  • Machining
  • Painting
  • Adjustment and assembly
  • Quality Control and verification
  • Factory Acceptance and function tests

Nortemecanica currently employs 40 people and is equipped with the highest technology, like for example, machining, assembly and verification heated areas operating at constant temperature. We incorporate also 3D verification equipment, like two Laser Trackers.

Norteña de Comercialización Siderúrgica S.A.U.
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Norsider, is a private Company, created in 1979, based in Gijon and focussed on Carbon Steel heavy plate distribution, trading and processing. Qualities include Structural, Naval, P-T treated, Wear resistant, among others.
Norsider has grown and get more specialised year after year with the opening of further facilities in Tarragona, Aviles and Aveiro (Portugal), becoming one of the main heavy plate suppliers in Spain, with external market as Portugal and France.
In addition, during the last years Norsider has presented itself as a plate processing company, as a further step after its specialization in distribution and finishing.
Equipped with the latest technology in laser cut, with 16m bench and a working width of 3150mm, special for large dimensions pieces and wide requirements in tolerance. It is complemented with another laser, 1500x3000mm, aimed for piece sets with tiny perforations and edges. The laser processing service is completed with the laser-tube, a specialised equipment for tube and profile automatic machining with specific software and feeders.
High definition plasma cut, with outstanding cut tolerances including a marking service, and wide capacities for bevel cutting, drilling and threading. Cutting thickness limit is 50mm, whereas maximum drilling penetration is 80mm. Cutting dimensions up to 3150x24200mm. Oxy-cut, with thicknesses up to 300m and 4000x14000mm dimensional capacity, is also offered. Plate bending gives another finishing dimension to our materials.
Sectors we work with include: Naval, Large Structures, Construction, Consumer Goods, Wind, Solar, PV, Boilers, Automotive, Industrial vehicles, etc.

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 Servicios Asturianos del Metal 2016, S.L., is a young Company, established in 2016, based in Gijón (Asturias), with the following main activities: boilermaking, tubing and industrial welding, focussed on industrial sectors such as steelmaking, energy, petrochemical, naval, offshore, food, construction, cement, gas, paper, incineration plant or waste treatment.

The company and its human capital count on wide experience, having links with key industrial companies such as: Idesa, Windar, ArcelorMittal, Repsol, Duro Felguera, Nervión, Moncobra, I-Lanza, Idonial, Vapormat, Cosermo, Maritima del Principado or Consignaciones Asturianas, among others.
Serasme aims at providing support services to industry, both at national level or abroad, in the fields of manufacturing, assembly, maintenance or repair in any kind of boilermaking, welding or tubing projects.

The main services are the following:

- Manufacturing and assembly of pressure vessels, tanks, heat exchangers, pipelines, wind energy parts, naval blocks, structures and supports.
- Maintenance and repair works, mainly focussed on boilermaking and welding in different industrial plants like refineries, electric generation, gas, food, steelmaking factories, either in planned stops or during operation.

All of these services can be done at customer´s or third parties´ facilities, adapting our works to customer needs.

Talleres Alegría, S.A.
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Talleres Alegria, founded in 1900, is a Company focussed exclusively on the manufacturing of rail materials and equipment. Its main activity is related to the design, manufacturing and technical assistance of rail fixed material, for conventional lines, metros, trams, or for high speed trains. Since its origins, it has also been dedicated to repair and maintenance of wagons, evolving in time until its design and manufacturing so as any other type of rail vehicles.

There are 6 specialized production centres nowadays, 5 of them are located in Asturias, whereas the remaining is in Castilla-La Mancha.

An increasing internationalization process of the company has brought its business to enter different countries such as India, Algeria, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, etc.

Its main products are the following:

  • Fixed rail material: Its production is being carried out at the facility in Silvota (Llanera), dedicated to the design, project, manufacturing, and technical assistance of diversions, changes, escapes, crossing, expansion devices, switches, stock rail, isolating joints, turnouts, molehills, components and spare parts.
  • Forge of special switches: activity developed only in Railforja Asturiana S.A., which is a Company directly linked to Talleres Alegria with production facilities at El Musel (Gijon).
  • Mobile self-propelled material: design, manufacturing, repairing and maintenance of multipurpose auxiliary vehicles as draisines, locomotives, rail machinery, etc. Activity developed at Ferrovias Astur S.A facilities, belonging to Talleres Alegria and located in Silvota.
  • Mobile towed material: design, manufacturing, repair and maintenance of freight wagons, conventional and tanks, made at the historical facilities of the company at Aboño (Gijon) so as its subsidiary company Invatra Alcazar S.L. (Alcazar de San Juan, Ciudad Real).

Metallic bridges: Repairing and painting of rail metallic sections, structural reinforcements (screwed and welded), element substitutions, scaffolds, so as civil works interventions in stirrups, piles and supporting walls.

TSK Electrónica y Electricidad, S.A.
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TSK counts on the experience of over 30 years in the industry and energy sector as one of 10 companies in engineering and industrial EPC at national level. In addition, it is one the Spanish companies with more project references (EPC) in the energy, steelmaking, cement and material handling sectors.

TSK pursues since its inception a clear objective: the formation of an entrepreneurship group leader in engineering developments and facility supply of maximum quality. Its priority is solving clients´ needs at every moment, so a set of technical and human means needed for each moment are made available. It offers an integral project management service: design and engineering, planning, purchase management, equipment manufacturing and supply, installation and assembly, quality control, training, commissioning and maintenance.

The main business divisions are the following:

  • Electrical Infrastructures: development of electrical “turnkey” projects in the food, cement, energy, fertilizer, environment, metallurgy, paper, petrochemical, harbours, steelmaking, telecommunications and industrial plants sectors.
  • Energy and Industrial Plants: Execution of turnkey projects for all kind of electric energy generation, from gas turbines power plants to conventional ones, including thermal solar plants, so as industrial plants in general.
  • Facilities for handling and storage of raw materials: execution of turnkey projects in the areas of mineral processing and handling of bulk solid materials.

TSK genera una cifra de negocio superior los 800 millones de euros, y cuenta con más de 850 profesionales y  presencia internacional en más de 35 países. 

TSK generates a turnover over 800M€, and counts on more than 850 professionals, with an international presence in more than 35 countries.

Universidad de Oviedo
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The University of Oviedo is the only high level education institution in Asturias, with over 400 years of history and an educational offer of degrees and postgraduate studies in all knowledge areas, which includes bilingual degrees and masters, doubled degrees, and joint degrees with foreign universities. It was one of the first Spanish Universities to achieve the seal of International Excellence Campus in 2009, which has played as the engine for modernization of the academic institution with a strong incidence in its relation with the territory.

The University has made a clear bet for internationalization, both in education as for research. The teaching staff mobility programmes in top ranked universities at international level, and the participation in technology platforms and research & education networks have shown an impact in the improvement of indicators that measures the research results: amount of financed projects, publication in high impact journals or approved patents, among others.

The academic institutions is actively involved in the development of the regional Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS 3), with over 1,800 researchers and more than 100 research groups and teams, which execute a large number of R&D project achieved in competitive calls, both at regional, national or European level.

The specialization in two scientific scopes by the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Cluster, and the Biomedicine and Health one has marked a turning point in driving research at University in collaboration with technology centres, institutions and companies in areas such as steelmaking, energy, transport, construction, manufacturing, logistics, biomedicine or biotechnology, among others.

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VEROT, S.A. is an Asturian SME that was created in 1990.

The company was established with the aim of manufacturing a type of luminous sign, not manufactured in Spain at the time, called optical sheet. It was in 1992 when it started working with laser cutting technology, acquiring a set of Quanta equipment, the main objectives of this investment were to: Enable the processing of the methacrylate plates required for manufacturing optical sheet signs, and speed up the manufacture and development of prototypes thanks to the versatility of laser cutting. Nowadays the company offers a wide range of services covering metal manufacturing processes, where SLM technologies are highlighted as advanced manufacturing means.

VEROT, S.A. has wide experience in working for very diverse sectors, from boilermaking, capital goods manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, while including sectors as specific as the military, automotive or nuclear sectors, among others.

A highlighted role is played by the renewable energy sector, for which material is usually supplied for the thermal/solar, photovoltaic and wind power areas. Very diverse work is carried out at VEROT, S.A., ranging from simply cutting up material in 1 mm sheets up to medium boilermaking machining/welding work.