ROBOTWELD: Technical feasibility study of the implementation of robotic welding technologies in key sectors for the Steel Pole

Project funded under the call for grants to support the operation of management structures and promote the implementation of specific projects of the AEIs-2017, with file number AEI-010300-2017-213..

The project, completed in March 2018, analyzed the feasibility of applying robotic welding technologies in the production process of companies in the metal-mechanical sector. The project pursues collaboration with SMEs with the support of the AEI to guide companies in the metal-mechanical sector in their digital transformation, evaluating the implementation of innovative production processes.

The overall objective is to improve the competitiveness of companies in line with the RIS3 smart specialization policies for Asturias.

The specific objective is to determine the possibilities of implementing Industry 4.0 technologies in manufacturing processes, such as welding. Robotic welding technologies represent an opportunity to increase production capacity and improve the quality of the product and the operator's work, although they present the challenge of defining the convenience of applying this technology if the jobs are not sufficiently repetitive.