The work methodology within the Steel Pole is completely oriented to the Cluster's mission, fulfilling its objectives through the exchange of know-how, the promotion of cooperation and innovation and a clear international vision and orientation. The different activities that structure this methodology can be divided into 3 main groups of activities: Definition, Collaboration and Valorization.


In the Definition section, the Association carries out the analysis of the main lines of activity, aligned with the association's current Strategic Plan and with the needs of the companies. The challenges present in the industries are analyzed within the framework of the activities involved in the working groups and the conferences organized by the Steel Pole. Likewise, the organization of visits, usually with a specific theme (manufacturing technologies, production improvements, etc.) are organized as part of the desired interaction between partners. The work of the cluster during this stage also includes the analysis of the synergies that may exist between all parties. Aspects such as training, both in the incorporation of new skills for the productive sectors, digital transformation and the acquisition of competencies with a better vision of the steel value chain is another of the points on which the strategy of the Steel Cluster is based through initiatives such as CALDIA.

Collaboration is a fundamental factor and one of the main drivers within the association. Channeling the interests of all partners and making them converge in concrete initiatives that crystallize in projects and can undertake a path towards industrialization is key to add value to companies and support them in the search for increased competitiveness at a global level. In order to promote interaction, conferences, monographs and information on the main opportunities for the partners are organized, as well as the possibilities offered by the pilot plants located in the facilities of some of the partners to undertake proofs of concept, demonstrations and scaling of technologies.

Finally, the Valorization allows the Association to make use of the capabilities, means and knowledge of all the cluster partners to promote this specialization and strength through different means and channels, such as the Asturias Cluster Network, regional initiatives such as Asturias Digital Innovation Hub, and other national and international networks, such as the European Cluster Collaboration Platform. Through the different channels we seek to promote and value the activities developed by our partners, as well as to make visible the efforts made in relation to the potential of the industries. In short, the Steel Cluster promotes the Asturias region as a hub of knowledge and specialization in the steel value chain.

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