The main mission of Steel Innovation Cluster is focussed on promoting innovation, technology development and applied research in the fields of steel production and processing, for achieving a technological differentiationmision of the companies involved in the Cluster as an instrument for its growth and competitiveness improvement.


In a schematic mode, it can be explained as follows:

  • Boosting leadership of Steel Innovation Cluster by means of technological differentiation of its products and processes.
  • Promoting technological collaboration that allows assuming projects with large scope, attracting talent and new companies.
  • Promoting innovation and technology development among the Cluster members.



Steel Innovation Cluster's objectives are defining the main mission of the association, in relation with partners competitiveness improvement through their technological differentiation, being the following:

  • Supporting and providing awareness to the companies in the promotion of innovation, research and development through knowledge and inclusion of the technological advances related to their developed activities.
  • Adding the needed critical mass for improving the competitive ability of the associated partners by including innovative improvements in process and product.
  • Designing, promoting and managing R&D&i projects in accordance with the strategic, productive and market needs.
  • Driving collaboration for the development of cooperative projects and initiatives that allow R&D results´ development and transfer within the scope of each respective business activities.
  • Making participation in regional, national and European R&D&i programmes easier, with the aim of having access to funds and public grants for the support on entrepreneurship innovation.
  • Promoting forum, debates, workshops, events and related initiatives, in order to foster results & knowledge sharing.
  • Promoting training and qualification of the associated partners in all matters related to R&D&i.
  • Providing collaboration in the definition, planning, development and execution of strategies, projects and related initiatives on R&D&i, including dissemination of such and their results, when required.
  • Creating collaboration agreements and with third parties that underpin the fulfilment of the main aims.
  • Providing updated information and dissemination in the evolution of any matter related to R&D&i
  • Being the reference body for any study, enquiry, debate and advisory in issues related to improving innovation in the companies.


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