Idonial Foundation and the University of Oviedo co-direct again the edition of CALDIA in 2020, within the framework of activities developed in the Steel Pole

During the last years within the Metal Sector in Asturias and from the different companies and organizations related to the sector, important shortages of professional profiles have been detected in order to meet the needs of the organizations. In particular, this mismatch between the labor demand and the supply of qualified profiles is more acute when the required profiles are needed in the field of Applied Research and Innovation.

In response to the training needs detected in the metal-mechanic sector, and in an attempt to adapt the labor demand and the training offer, the CALDIA initiative was launched within the Steel Pole, promoted by the IDONIAL Foundation and with the collaboration of the University of Oviedo.

CALDIA is a training itinerary that covers the entire steel value chain, from its manufacture to the subsequent transformation of steel products such as heavy plate, wire rod or rail. The methodology, coordinated by IDONIAL and the University of Oviedo, goes beyond the academic aspect, being a channel of communication and cooperation between the different participating companies and technicians. This promotes R&D in relation to steel, to support Asturian companies towards a more competitive position through knowledge applied in collaborative projects. This initiative is fully aligned with one of the priorities of the Smart Specialization Strategy in Asturias, RIS 3, specifically with Asturias Steel Industrial Pole. In the same way, it responds to several of the objectives of the AEI Polo del Acero, given that it fosters collaboration, innovation and technological development among participating companies, as well as supports training in aspects related to R&D&I.

In 2017 the first edition took place, with the participation of several companies, and in the spring of 2018 a second edition was held aimed at junior technicians, reaching the participation of 32 attendees. The Caldia 2020 edition is currently being prepared, with the forecast to start in the middle of next February. It is a good opportunity for quality managers, production technicians, technical departments or R+D+i to analyze the main challenges in manufacturing within their respective companies and to have a collaborative environment to design the respective solutions. The training itinerary has been designed with several new features compared to previous editions.

Firstly, the timetable has been intensified, with 8 hours per week. On the other hand, although full participation is recommended in order to acquire a global vision, it has been decided to offer the content in a modular way, as an alternative to be able to partially attend the contents of greatest interest. Finally, taking advantage of the competencies of Fundación Idonial, it has been decided to add a module related to Industry 4.0 technologies, to introduce companies to processes aimed at digital transformation. For more information about the program, please contact the secretariat of the Steel Pole association: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brochure CALDIA 2020